A1 CLUB RBN Bandmap info

The table on the bandmap page shows recent RBN spots of A1 CLUB members in a dynamically updated bandmap (30 seconds update interval).

In the upper part of the page, you can specify the filter options you wish to apply. The lower part of the page shows the bandmap with the matching spots.

Some details:

This page was created by Frank, PA4N. And modified by Akio, JH1MHM. It was based on the original version by Fabian, DJ1YFK.

Comments are welcome via email - 73 & 88 de JH1MHM.

A1 CLUB RBN Bandmap changelog

12-Jan-2013FabianOriginal version for FOC, by Fabian, DJ1YFK
26-Apr-2013FabianFirst version by Frank, PA4N. Support for CWops and HSC added
30-Apr-2013FabianAdded FISTS
01-May-2013FabianAdded speed filtering
02-May-2013FabianSplit source code into view and model
04-May-2013FabianAdded cookies, SKCC, updated layout, changelog. More speed options
04-May-2013FabianFixed setting of cookies, fixed race condition regarding 'onload'
05-May-2013FabianAdded band filter
05-May-2013FabianAdded VHSC, SHSC, EHSC
07-May-2013FabianAdded lowest-highest WPM listing
07-May-2013FabianAdded Set all / clear all buttons
13-May-2013FabianAdded configurable max spot age
13-May-2013FabianAdded Google Analytics
14-May-2013FabianChanged bandmap-view.php to bandmap.html etc, added sequence number in call to PHP program
03-Jun-2013FabianFixes for IE8/IE9 (X-UA-Compatible and onchange->onclick)
10-Jun-2013FabianFiltered out non-CW spots (RTTY, PSK...)
12-Jun-2013FabianAdded table sort on all columns; added call sign filter
12-Jun-2013FabianMoved info to separate page; added counter displaying # users on info page
14-Jun-2013FabianRemoved console.log (doesn't work on IE8/IE9)
19-Jun-2013FabianApplication will now be started after server reboot, so can run unattended
17-Aug-2013FabianApplication is stable; no longer 'experimental'. Moving application from port 1161 to the more common port 80
07-Jul-2015AkioAdded A1C, modified for localization on a1club.net servers
06-Dec-2015AkioAdded 120 min option for Max spot age
02-Jan-2016AkioAdded 240 min option for Max spot age
24-Apr-2016AkioAdded 360 min option and 480 min option for Max spot age
29-Dec-2017AkioAdded "Portable Display"
31-May-2019AkioAdded BUG

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